Hearing your own voice naturally

Category : Newsletter 2/2018

Hearing your own voice naturally when using hearing aids has always been an important concern. New hearing aid users usually complain of their own voice sounding tinny, echoing, having an electronic/microphone-like sound or sounding as if they have a cold/blockage.

Hearing aid manufacturers have finally developed a solution for this problem. The new Nx range of hearing aids from Siemens/Sivantos now has patented Own Voice Processing (OVP) technology. This technology uses an acoustic scan of the hearing aid wearer’s head to detect your voice when you are speaking. By separating the wearer’s voice from external sounds, the hearing aid can make automatic adjustments to make your voice sound more natural. Your audiologist will perform a short test where you will count out loud while she programmes your Nx hearing aids. Now you can have the best of both worlds: natural perception of your own voice and optimum audibility for external sounds.